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2018 Leadership Forum

January 25 @ 8:30 am - 3:30 pm

The Rainmaker Companies

1801 West End Avenue, Suite 800
Nashville, TN United States

Cost: $450


Lauren Roese


It takes a community to run a firm today. The accounting industry is evolving rapidly and firms are being challenged with dramatic change like never before. Managing Partners are being asked to deliver solutions for firm growth, technology, service delivery, mergers, acquisitions, staffing, client issues, and more. On top of that; clients, Partners, and staff expect you to be at the forefront of change to lead a distinctive, innovative, and successful firm.

The 2018  Enterprise Worldwide Leadership Forum helps you tap into outside perspectives, explore solutions and address issues in your firm in a collaborative, community driven way. This meeting will include a presentation from Mark Greene, Ph.D., President of Market Intelligence LLC, an authority on the use of artificial intelligence and cutting edge technology in a professional service firm. Mark’s presentation will be followed by a Technology Roundtable, whereby attendees will share information, learn how new technology is being deployed, and thus gain a better understanding of how technology can be leveraged.

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