Enterprise Worldwide

Enterprise Worldwide (EW) is an international association of accountants and advisors. We strongly believe that our member firms are among the most well-trained, customer-focused accounting and advisory agencies in the world. By collaborating to deliver only the highest-quality services to their clients, our members can provide unparalleled results that even large, multi-national firms can’t promise.

Leveraging the talents and expertise of all of our member firms, each firm is able to serve as a “one-stop-shop” for their clients. Because of the truly global nature of business today, this collaborative effort gives Enterprise Worldwide members a distinct advantage when it comes to providing solutions for their clients. Essentially, clients receive the combined benefits of a global company and personal service of a smaller local firm.

EW members compete better, grow faster, and attain more profits than average accounting firms. What’s the secret?

  • Like-sized, Like-minded Firms: EW members consistently say it’s valuable to connect with firms that share common traits. Associations with a wide range of firms often have small to midsize firms that get lost and have little input.
  • Five Star Client Service® Training: EW firms have access to Five Star Client Service® training, which provides a cultural component to membership that emphasizes great client service.
  • Member Firms Around the Globe: EW has one global mission that promotes collaboration, communication, shared resources and business referrals to all members.
  • Deeper Partnership Among Members: EW members benefit from a very unique combination of resources for training, consulting, and networking not available in other associations.


For information about Enterprise Worldwide, contact Adelaide Ness or visit enterpriseworldwide.org.


  • “The Rainmaker Companies have been an integral part of our success. Their knowledge and understanding of our industry and of our company have made it so that we can bring the business to the next level.”

    Frank Rowella, Managing Partner

    Reynolds + Rowella

    “Always responsive. Always professional. Their leadership & BD training are second to none. HCAA would not be where it is today without Rainmaker.”

    Jim White, Partner


    “The Rainmaker group provides a valuable resource to the niche groups and I have gained many long-time friends and contacts in the same areas on concentrations as I specialize in.”

    Joel Ackerman, Tax Manager

    Richards, Witt & Charles, LLP