Juggling Busy Season with Opportunity Season

As we head into the month of February, most of you will begin to prepare for busy season. One point that can often be forgotten in the early preparation stages is that Busy Season

also means Opportunity Season.  Over the next 3 months you are provided the good fortune to be in front of your clients for large portions of time.  Are you talking with your service team on ways to look for opportunities to add more value for your clients?  Now is the time to capitalize on providing your clients with Five Star Service.  Below are three ways to maximize this time with your clients while being contentious of busy season.


1. Ask Your Clients the Right Questions
Make a list of your Top 20 clients.  Over the next few months you will be checking in with them regularly.  Provide your team with these five simple questions.  These five questions provide a quick check-in with your clients that will allow your team the opportunity to not only deepen their relationship with the client but also showcase some of your other services and surface any client issues that can be improved upon.

  1. How are things going in your business?
  2. What is going very well and where are there challenges?
  3. What is your most significant competitive advantage?
  4. How much time and energy are you spending on that?
  5. How have we, as a firm, been able to provide value to you and your company so far? How can we improve?


2. Create a Contest
Everyone loves a friendly competition!  Why not organize a competition around opportunity season?  Create a contest for staff and managers to submit their best value-add idea for a client.  Encourage everyone to turn on their thinking tanks and think outside the box!  There may be only one winner but you will walk away with a few good ideas, and your staff will feel included in the sales process.


3. Allow Staff to Spend Time with the Clients
Busy season can bring multiple touch points with a client.  Budget a little time to allow your experienced staff or managers to spend time with your decision-maker clients.   Staff want to be involved in the process more than you think.  Show them your trust and support by including them, and they, in turn, will be more committed as well as grow as a champion of your firm and your clients.


The next few months will be some of the longest days and hours in the year.  Remembering to make it fun but also profitable is key.  All of us at Rainmaker wish you a successful and beneficial busy season!

Dan Brooks
The Rainmaker Companies