Best Practices in a Digital World

In today’s world, digital technology has changed the way we do business and the way we work. We are experiencing a technology revolution. Your firm must keep up to avoid getting left behind. However, as we face this digital revolution, we find ourselves left with a question: how do we build and maintain relationships with prospects and clients when business is engulfed by email, text and posts?

In this webinar, Christine M. Hollinden, CPSM, a Rainmaker Alliance Resource Member, will discuss and navigate through the best practices for firms to use in this digital age. You’ll learn how to leverage and implement digital technologies to your advantage and position your firm for success. You will be left with a clear understanding of where to focus your digital efforts, and find the balance between traditional and digital communication.


  1. Understand how to build and maintain personal relationships by leveraging technology.
  2. Recognize how to integrate website, eMarketing, social media, and marketing automation efforts for maximum success.
  3. Align traditional communication efforts with digital communication.