Niche Growth and Tools of the Profession

Successful niche businesses deliver tremendous leverage for their firms and add great value for clients. However, achieving success within a niche is hard work and requires intense focus from firm leaders and their teams. The Rainmaker Companies has designed a Niche Growth Playbook to help guide niche leaders and their teams through a six-step process to growth (below), and provides knowledge, tools and resources to help firms successfully serve their niche markets.

Join Rainmaker EVPs, Patrick Pruett and Scott Moore as they outline the DNA for growth and introduce select tools that can streamline the work required for growth to make it more impactful.

Rainmaker’s DNA for growth follows a pattern that includes:

  1. Assessment of the current state
  2. Learning (education) from the assessment
  3. Application of what has been learned
  4. Collaboration with an internal and external community to find solutions
  5. Accountability to the agreed course of action
  6. Results that demonstrate niche growth

Take Aways:

  1. You will understand the six steps for DNA growth in any firm
  2. You will understand how to streamline the required work for growth to make it more impactful
  3. You will walk away with ideas and information regarding niche growth and how to leverage a number of powerful tools