The State of CRM at Accounting Firms

In the Spring of 2016, The Ackert Advisory (a Resource Member of The Rainmaker Alliances) conducted a market-wide study exploring the utilization, user experience, and return on investment (ROI) of Client Relationship Management (CRM) software platforms. More than 800 accounting firms in the U.S. were asked to describe the state of CRM at their firms, including factors such as:

  1. Which CRM they used
  2. Their accountants’ utilization rate
  3. Reasons behind low utilization
  4. The ROI generated from CRM

This survey underscores a potential growth opportunity in the accounting industry. The CPA-client relationship is central to effective business development and ongoing client loyalty. But do accounting firms track and leverage their partners’ key relationships effectively with CRM or are the industry’s sales practices lagging behind?

This white paper includes a detailed analysis of the survey findings and a list of best practices for firms wishing to choose the most effective platform, promote high utilization among accountants, and improve the ROI on their CRM initiatives.

Download White Paper: The State of CRM at Accounting Firms