Team Dimensions Group Report

You will receive a link containing the assessment, scoring mechanism, and interpretation of results. In addition to purchasing the item through our online store, please also contact Kim Lockard (, 615-627-1806) with the names and email addresses of those who need to take the necessary Profiles. They will receive an email from with a link on taking the necessary Profiles.


Discover the right roles for the right people.

This profile helps individuals work from their strengths by identifying their most natural team role.

With the Team Dimensions Group Report the team can see the kind of priorities that are probably most important to the group. This can help the group understand where it tends to spend its energy and where it may need to direct more attention.

This 11-page report identifies the styles, the dynamics, and the balance within your team. The report explores how the team prioritizes and makes decisions. This report includes individual names.

This report is created from three or more completed individual Team Dimensions online profiles.