Using a Green Belt Certification to Play ‘Above the Line’ for Clients

This webinar will introduce manufacturing CPAs and niche leaders to the concepts of Lean Six Sigma and how they can be used to enhance value and relationships with manufacturing clients. To truly differentiate from the competition, CPA firms must go beyond the traditional compliance work to a delighter-level service model. The concepts and applications of Lean Six Sigma are a tremendous pathway to open up your firm to new growth opportunities.

This webinar will be part presentation, part discussion and Q&A. Bring your questions and be ready to learn all about how your firm can use Lean Six Sigma to separate from the competition.


  • High Level understanding of Lean and Six Sigma concepts • Knowledge around applications in various manufacturing processes
  • Introduction to the Client Satisfaction Model as related to CPA firms
  • Discovery of 5 ways Lean Six Sigma can be a value-added differentiator for a CPA firm