Charlie Flood


Charlie has served as a business development consultant for the accounting industry, numerous publishing and IP development companies, as well as a coach to small business executives on a wide range of business development activities. One of his unique abilities is intrapreneurship, or the process of creating innovative programs and structures within existing business entities to help them to establish their most profitable business propositions. His unique approach is to assist organizations with the development of strategic initiatives around their intellectual capital. Charlie has also taken on short and long term assignments in both development and turn-around situations in the corporate and non-profit sectors.

Over the past 20 years, he has worked within the Accounting Industry as a Senior Consultant in the Rainmaker Academy, and with firms at all levels, from the “Big Four” to sole proprietors. Charlie’s client list includes: BDO offices, Deloitte, RSM, and more than 100 firms around the world. As a consultant, he works with owners and partner teams to establish plans that work. His philosophy is clear – in order to grow into the next phase as an organization, you need to understand how you got to where you are, how to build the infrastructure for the future of the business, and how to execute the plan with the resources at hand – people, planning, and processes.

Flood holds degrees in Social Work, Education, Sociology and Educational Management from SUNY colleges at Farmingdale and Oswego. In addition, he has pursued his lifelong commitment to education with an additional 40 post-graduate hours in Business from a variety of colleges and universities. He is certified to train more than 30 professional development courses in the business Development arena.