J. Daniel Brooks

Member Emeritus

Dan joined the firm in early 2013 as the Vice President of Consulting for The Rainmaker Companies and then became CEO until retiring in 2020. In his role as Member Emeritus, Dan supports Rainmaker in growing affiliate relationships. With 35+ years of experience successfully growing accounting firms, Dan understands the challenges and opportunities accounting firms face. He has a passion and a talent for helping firms grow and succeed.

Prior to joining Rainmaker, Dan was instrumental in expanding the McGladrey Alliance from a group of 12 to more than 100 firms throughout the United States. As a board member and leader of the Southeast region of RSM McGladrey, he helped drive double-digit growth and worked closely with senior accounting firm leaders to strengthen and transform their businesses. Through his coaching, training, strategic planning, and accountability development skills, Dan guides senior leaders to new levels of success. Rainmaker clients directly benefit from Dan’s vast experience and proven acumen for growing CPA firms.

Dan holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Eastern Illinois University. He is an experienced author and speaker known throughout the accounting industry. He and his family live in Franklin, Tennessee where he strives to balance his busy client service schedule with family time and an occasional round of golf.


• Father of two

• Interested in politics

• Noted critic and scowler

• Greatest achievement was getting his wife to marry him