Joe Fehrmann

Senior Consultant

Joe serves as a consultant and trainer with The Rainmaker Companies helping accounting professionals develop the leadership, consulting, and marketing skills they need for personal and professional success. Joe coaches clients who wish to increase their personal planning and self-management skills. He prioritizes a clear line of sight from strategic vision to daily tasks, tactful communication, and a culture of involvement and accountability.

 Joe brings more than twenty years of experience to his work with clients. His background includes management and consulting roles in the construction, public utilities, manufacturing, professional services, and defense industries. He also taught business and human resources courses at the university level. Additionally, he is co-author of several training guides published by American Media and HRD Press. Joe earned his bachelor’s degree in Education at Kansas Newman College and his master’s degree in Educational Administration at Wichita State University.


• Woodworker

• Enjoys fishing and backpacking trips

• Survived driving lessons for three teenagers

• Would be played by Ron Swanson in a biopic

• Wants to someday hike part of the Appalachian Trail