Mary Ann Brawner

Firm Administrator

Mary Ann is responsible for planning, organizing, and controlling the day-to-day operations of the firm and for directing the implementation of policies. She puts the firm’s needs first and works closely with our executive team to improve firm culture. Her position encompasses a wide range of activities with involvement in all phases of administration, personnel, finances, facilities, and marketing. This includes everything from negotiating contracts with vendors to creating efficiencies to help manage workflow. Her focus is mostly internal, but she is also tasked with training logistics. She plans each session, from city and site selection to the final graduation dinner, and serves as our clients’ point of contact. She also supports The Rainmaker Companies by providing some layout work for events, conferences, and announcements. Thanks to Mary Ann’s organization, the firm runs smoothly.

Previously, Mary Ann used her event-planning talents to host wine events around Nashville. She earned her BA in Business Administration from King University in Bristol, Tennessee.


• Mother of one

• Avid podcast listener

• Interior design hobbyist

• Youngest of nine children

• Once held the title “Director of Awesomeness”