Megan Brooks

Graphic Designer & Videographer

Megan is the graphic designer and videographer for The Rainmaker Companies. She is responsible for working hand-in-hand with our internal training and consulting teams, aiding in the development of assets, then bringing them to life. She delivers high-quality, innovative motion graphic content that seamlessly integrates with eLearning solutions. Megan also creates complex graphics, animations, and live video content for a diverse array of media, including print, handheld electronic devices, and the web. Additionally, she produces promotional video and graphics to market upcoming classes and events.

Megan earned her bachelor’s degree in Media Arts & English from the University of South Carolina. She finished her senior year of college by studying abroad in Florence, Italy, where she gained a new appreciation for fine art and ripe tomatoes and learned to make homemade pasta. Aside from film and animation, Megan loves science fiction, linguistics, and globetrotting.


• Wine aficionado

• Wants to be the first person on Mars

• Loves to watch, create, and critique films

• Wants to be played by Drew Barrymore in a biopic