CEO Grow Community

Rainmaker’s CEO Grow Community™ began as an idea sparked through conversations with managing partners around the country who told us there is a need for a more engaging and impactful platform for learning, networking, and collaboration that is designed specifically for their unique needs as firm leaders. It recognizes that the accounting profession is changing, and that what worked five years ago simply will not continue to work. The Community is ideally suited for leaders who want to continue to learn and hone their skills while also leveraging a community of their peers.

To maximize collaboration, The Rainmaker CEO Grow Community™ organizes peer groups of up to ten participants each. Programming includes expert facilitation, training, peer-to-peer learning, tools, strategies, coaching, motivation, and accountability to drive managing partners toward greater and more professionally satisfying results. With more than 25 years of experience in helping grow firms, practices, and people, Rainmaker provides unique insights into the challenges of leading a firm.

The Rainmaker CEO Grow Community™ is results-focused, designed to engage executives in exploring opportunities for growth and overcoming barriers. Community members will spend quality
time with their peers through meetings, coaching calls, and workshops in which key practice management best practices and key issues will be explored in depth. Workshops will be highly collaborative with a spirit of member accountability around the development and implementation of strategic initiatives.

Leadership Growth Drivers

Through the CEO Grow Community™, Rainmaker provides managing partners with a dynamic platform that meets or exceeds their needs for learning, community, action, and accountability.

Key Benefits

  • Focus intensely on major issues and strategy
  • Stay informed and make better decisions
  • Collaborate with peers in an exclusive environment
  • Gain insights from subject-matter experts and industry leaders

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  • “The Rainmaker Companies have been an integral part of our success. Their knowledge and understanding of our industry and of our company have made it so that we can bring the business to the next level.”

    Frank Rowella, Managing Partner

    Reynolds + Rowella

    “Always responsive. Always professional. Their leadership & BD training are second to none. HCAA would not be where it is today without Rainmaker.”

    Jim White, Partner


    “The Rainmaker group provides a valuable resource to the niche groups and I have gained many long-time friends and contacts in the same areas on concentrations as I specialize in.”

    Joel Ackerman, Tax Manager

    Richards, Witt & Charles, LLP