The Leadership Academy

The Leadership Academy is a two-year program designed for designated high-potential seniors, managers and senior managers within a firm who want to grow their leadership skills. It will help firms:

  • Develop and retain high-performing, experienced team members in the five key areas every leader is responsible for: personal development, client service, business development, leadership and accountability.
  • Develop leadership capability amongst high-performers with key outcomes tailored for the firm through live training, individual coaching calls, and group coaching/collaboration
  • Challenge team members to implement a project plan. Team members will work together to research, develop proposed solutions and execute on a project plan for their firm with a goal of applying skills learned in the Leadership Academy (communication, teamwork, innovation, follow through and accountability). The categories of these projects are Client Experience and Team Member Experience.


Key Elements

An integrated mix of training and coaching will be planned to support participants and ensure consistent reinforcement over time and across a variety of touch-points. In this way, the program will go far beyond traditional training classes and incorporate the application of the learning in the individual firm offices. The two-year program will consist of the following key elements:

  • Pre-Class Webinar: Informs participants and Office Mentor on the format, overall content, expectations and components of the program as well as the expectations of the internal coach
  • Live Leadership Skill Development Workshops (three per year): Equip participants with skills and a process to develop skills as a senior or manager and apply this learning through commitments made on the BAR sheet (accountability tool) and on project implementation
  • Coaching: Provides personalized attention, focused on the specific strengths, weaknesses, interests, and challenges of each individual participant
  • Office Group Coaching Calls: Supports the project implementation for each of the offices through assistance with planning, idea generation, handling obstacles and execution
  • Personal Plan or Project Plan Hotline: Supports project teams and program participants with Rainmaker coaching on project implementation as needed
  • Tools and templates for planning and accountability: Project templates and planning tools, including the Rainmaker B.A.R. sheet, help ensure success and to encourage consistency across all participants and coaches.


Benefits to the Firm

  • Build bench strength
  • Reduce turnover and increase recruiting ability
  • Deliver a consistent level of foundational leadership skills while maintaining a systematic process for participants, coaches, as well as up-and-coming leaders
  • Implement an established accountability system for participants to track results of projects
  • Align the Firm’s mission and vision with the participant’s individual goals
  • Develop coaching and mentoring skills for all participants
  • Develop loyal firm associates who cultivate and service loyal clients
  • Position your firm to continue as a leader that will be able to attract and retain quality clients for years to come
  • Develop a reliable succession plan for the future of the firm and develop a sustainable base of revenue producing associates
  • Establish and set a high-performance level firm wide


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