Programs & Services To Grow Your Firm

As a top executive, growing your firm is a top priority. However, a host of pervasive challenges and barriers stand in the way. Putting your firm on a fast track for growth starts with clear strategy and communication. Fulfilling that strategy depends on your ability to acquire and develop top talent, while driving accountability. Meanwhile, your firm must continually adapt to changing markets, harness new technology, and find ways to differentiate itself from intensifying competition.

Leveraging more than a quarter century of experience helping firms grow, Rainmaker can partner with you to tackle these challenges. We can help you assess the various components of your firm’s growth capability, then optimize them with proven programs, methodology, tools, and advisory support.

Optimize your firm’s overall growth capability.

Growth Capability Assessment: A firm’s ability to achieve its growth goals depends on a variety of factors. Leaders who understand these factors and how to influence them have a clear edge. Rainmaker can analyze your firm’s growth capability and provide a framework for strategy development.

Strategic Growth Planning & Consulting: Is your strategy by default or by design? Rainmaker will work with you at the firm-wide and/or niche levels to develop a deliberate, growth-focused strategic plan, then continue to partner with you to help drive implementation, accountability and results.

Client Loyalty & Win-Loss Reviews: Candid, insightful feedback gathered from strategically important clients and prospects can be one of the most compelling drivers of change in a firm. Through intensive research and analysis, Rainmaker will get to the truth and help you leverage it to drive future results.

Sales Process & Methodology: Help your teams fill and drive a pipeline of opportunities with a common approach, language, and toolset. Rainmaker will work with you to implement a repeatable, enforceable sales process based on proven best practices and tailored to the specific needs of the firm.

Firm Forum & Retreat Facilitation: Whether you are planning a firm-wide meeting and need a motivational kick-off, or you are working with firm leaders on growth strategy, or anything in between, Rainmaker can customize a memorable, high-energy program to accomplish your objectives.

Rainmaker Conferences: Attend our annual SuperConference and NicheWorks events, which bring together firm and industry practice leaders from firms across the country. Sessions, discussions, and networking opportunities will inspire your leadership and build lasting relationships.

Enable your strategic practices to thrive and grow.

Strategic Niche Communities: Rainmaker is your direct link to established associations and meaningful connections. We offer seven industry niche associations for accountants and advisors who are serious about growing and serving a specific industry niche practice.

Market Potential & Targeting Analysis: Thoughtful targeting and prioritization is a critical early step in a growth plan. Rainmaker can help firms establish a focused targeting strategy starting with market research to identify ideal prospects, then facilitating a process to help you prioritize them.

Practice Growth Team Development: Rainmaker can work with your high-potential industry niche or practice segment teams to establish clear growth strategies and action plans, ensuring that available energy and resources are directed at their highest and best use.

Lead Generation Campaigns: A common challenge professional service firms face is maintaining a constant stream of prospect appointments. Rainmaker can help keep your pipeline full by opening doors with qualified prospects and providing coaching to turn those prospects into long-term clients.

Pursuit and Client Team Coaching: High-potential client relationships and new business opportunities require thoughtful strategy, coordinated teamwork, and sustained, focused effort. Using proven methodology, Rainmaker can help coach your teams to get results.

Ignite the careers that fuel your firm’s growth.

The Rainmaker Academy®: Develop your top performers with Rainmaker’s signature program for high-potential, partner-track professionals. Available as an open course or in-house program, this 18-month, graduate-level program equips participants with skills and a process to drive sustained revenue growth.

The Leadership Academy: Build bench strength and minimize turnover with this transformational two-year program designed for high-potential seniors, managers, and senior managers who want to grow their leadership skills.

Five Star Client Service Program: Help your firm strengthen client loyalty, and ultimately its brand, by building a culture of quality and consistency. This program focuses on people and processes, teaching the concept that excellent external client service starts with practicing excellent internal client service.

Growth & Leadership Skill Courses: Rainmaker offers a variety of stand-alone and customizable courses to develop skills critical to success. Over 30 custom training programs, including components of our signature programs, are available either individually or packaged together for maximum impact.

On-Demand Business Development Training: Introduce staff at all levels to basic principles and techniques for developing business. Available as a turn-key, professionally facilitated in-house program or as a complete, on-demand video-based toolset for implementation by your firm’s facilitators.

Custom In-House Training Programs: Bring the power of Rainmaker training into your firm, and customize a program to fit your firm’s unique culture. We can scale in-house programs from a small selection of one-day sessions, to a full in-house version of our signature Rainmaker Academy®.

Personal Growth & Leadership Coaching: The best-and-brightest can achieve their potential faster with personalized Rainmaker coaching. Our coaching approach combines practical advice with a structured strategic process to bring disciplined accountability to a coaching relationship.

Learn how Rainmaker also helps other perspectives on growth.

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As an industry or service niche practice leader, Rainmaker partners with you to facilitate, equip, and coach your growth teams to success and empowers you to collaborate with industry peers.


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As a high-potential, growth-minded professional, Rainmaker fast-tracks your career and business development acumen through The Rainmaker Academy® and other proven programs.