The Rainmaker Growth Teams Program™

Build and equip high-performance core teams to drive the strategic growth of your firm’s highest-potential market segments.

Industry research confirms that top firms share similar concerns around their abilities to grow, innovate, and compete. There also is consistency in the strategies deployed, such as developing growth plans, increasing an advisory focus, and deepening specialty areas.

Given the rationale, gaining buy-in for growth initiatives is easy. However, without a clear framework and experienced guidance, the most well-intentioned efforts can flounder and fall victim to competing priorities, ineffective strategies, and weak accountability systems.

The Rainmaker Growth Teams Program™ pulls from years of experience in working with firms of widely varying sizes and complexities to help them develop, grow, and sustain their highest-potential niches and market segments.

Seasoned Rainmaker consultants can guide you and your core practice team members through a comprehensive process of assessing your growth capability, creating an actionable strategic growth plan, connecting with a community of industry peers, and periodically recalibrating your plan.

The program emphasizes a practical, client-centered advisory approach that helps ensure that your team’s available energy and resources are directed at their highest and best use.

Key Benefits

  • Develop a dynamic growth plan ready for implementation
  • Learn practical techniques and tools to win more business
  • Implement a consistent sales process and common language
  • Instill a team-oriented, client-focused advisory mindset

Workshop Topics

At the heart of The Rainmaker Growth Teams Program™ is an intensive two-day workshop. Core team members build actionable growth plans while gaining valuable knowledge, skills and tools.

Team•Identifying Team Members and Roles •Assessing Strengths and Opportunities •Building Collaborative Team Dynamics
Strategy•Establishing a Vision for Growth •Setting Actionable Growth Goals •Developing and Prioritizing Strategies
Clients•Profiling Ideal Client Personas •Evaluating Existing Client Potential •Prioritizing Prospective Clients
Services•Climbing the Client Value Ladder •Mapping the Business Life Cycle •Aligning and Packaging Solutions
Approach•Facilitating Client Collaboration •Implementing a Sales Process •Assessing Client Wins, Losses & Loyalty
Drive•Managing an Opportunity Pipeline •Coaching Strategic Opportunities •Managing Key Performance Indicators