Firm Forum & Retreat Facilitation

We understand the importance of your partner retreat or firm forum and want to work with you to ensure that it’s beneficial for everyone involved.

Whether you are planning a firm-wide meeting and need a motivational kick-off, or you are working with firm leaders on growth strategy, or anything in between, Rainmaker can customize a memorable, high-energy program to accomplish your objectives.

The Rainmaker Companies consultants and trainers are frequent presenters and facilitators at partner retreats, leadership retreats, firm-wide meetings and industry focused meetings. By weaving in industry trends and best practices with proven content on business development and leadership, the Rainmaker team is able to present content that is applicable and motivating at all levels. We are also able to customize sessions ranging from less than an hour to multiple day sessions using a variety of presentation styles, tools and media.


Partner Retreats

We will work with you in the co-development of your Partner Retreat with the goal to gain further agreement on current firm position and desired next steps. As a result of this phase, the firm will be better positioned to develop a strategic growth plan with partner agreement and participation as well as expand the perspective of leadership characteristics required of firm leaders.

Our approach is designed to gather insights, information and motivations from the current firm leadership team, facilitate discussions and planning around the current reality and desired new reality and gain agreement on the firm’s goals and next steps.


Available Services

  • Initial assessment and short phone interviews to determine existing perceptions, frustrations and desires of the leadership team
  • Co-development of retreat objectives and agenda
  • Facilitation of the retreat with a goal to have a high energy, highly interactive day which results in forward movement of the group
  • Assistance with pre-and post-communication around the retreat
  • In-depth review following the retreat to determine outcomes and recommendations on next steps to keep the momentum moving forward
  • Development of customized firm growth and communication plan
  • Ongoing accountability around the implementation of the plan
  • Regularly scheduled and on-demand coaching to support the leadership in implementation and behavior change
  • Access to Rainmaker training and consulting resources before, during and after the retreat for assistance with planning and implementation, potentially on an ongoing basis, as needed



As a result, your firm will be able to:

  • Enhance the existing culture of firm growth
  • Clarify short and long term vision and goals and determine a strategy to reach those goals
  • Articulate strengths and weaknesses and be effective at proactively building leadership skills.
  • Determine common ground and value of the relationships with other partners
  • Recognize each Partner’s contribution to the firm
  • Have a ‘One Firm’ approach and be an effective partner and team member
  • Handle difficult conversations with professionalism and effectiveness
  • Develop a reliable succession plan for the future of the firm and develop a sustainable base of revenue producing associates


  • “The Rainmaker Companies have been an integral part of our success. Their knowledge and understanding of our industry and of our company have made it so that we can bring the business to the next level.”

    Frank Rowella, Managing Partner

    Reynolds + Rowella

    “Through the Strategic Growth Advisor relationship, Rainmaker has been a tremendous resource to us by helping us focus our efforts on the deliverables that we wanted.”

    Terry Mitchell, Principal

    Jackson Thornton

    “Rainmaker has provided us with valuable tools and advice that help keep us moving in the right direction. They have helped us focus on our business strategy, build a growth plan that supports it, and implement our plan so we’re actively pursuing growth and change.”

    Gary Hawkins, Chairman of the Board

    HSMC Orizon