Personal Growth & Leadership Coaching

Our coaching process is specifically tailored to an individual so that he or she can achieve new heights in performance and results. Our coaching approach combines practical advice with a structured strategic process to bring disciplined accountability to a coaching relationship. To help achieve firm goals, we provide education, positive support, critical feedback and advice to improve effectiveness and success in marketing and sales activities and support.

Our coaching programs are designed to improve the key areas that every leader is responsible for: People development, client service, practice development, leadership and profitability. With our coaching relationships, we will also provide coaching around partner or employee conflict, working through difficult decisions. We also provide you access to our tools and resources. As a result, you will be able to utilize tools that are based on a proven system, improve your personal bottom line, improve profitability in your firm, and develop successful rainmaker habits.

These coaching resources are available either through pre-scheduling calls at a convenient time or if needed as on demand coaching for a check in, conflict resolution opportunity, brainstorming session, best practices session, pursuit coaching, etc. Choose the type of coaching that best meets your needs:

Areas of FocusWhy It’s ImportantAccountability Tools
One on One Leadership CoachingProvides support for any/all of the following: Managing Partner, Partner, Executive and Manager, HR, Marketing, Goal setting, accountability and measurement Idea generation and performance encouragement Problem solving Conflict resolution Revenue Action Plan coachingStrategic Plan Revenue Action Plan Goals BAR sheet
Growth Team CoachingProvides designated growth leaders with 1:1 customized support and advice for challenges they face in implementing their growth plansNiche plan
Client Loyalty CoachingProvides support for building client loyalty through “X” and “A” Client Bear Hug Meetings and follow upBear Hug Action Plan Strategic Plan
Pursuit CoachingProvides support in prospect pursuit strategies throughout the targeting phase, the uncovering needs, solution development and resolutionPursuit Plan


  • “The Rainmaker Companies have been an integral part of our success. Their knowledge and understanding of our industry and of our company have made it so that we can bring the business to the next level.”

    Frank Rowella, Managing Partner

    Reynolds + Rowella

    “Through the Strategic Growth Advisor relationship, Rainmaker has been a tremendous resource to us by helping us focus our efforts on the deliverables that we wanted.”

    Terry Mitchell, Principal

    Jackson Thornton

    “Rainmaker has provided us with valuable tools and advice that help keep us moving in the right direction. They have helped us focus on our business strategy, build a growth plan that supports it, and implement our plan so we’re actively pursuing growth and change.”

    Gary Hawkins, Chairman of the Board

    HSMC Orizon