Five Star Client Service Program

Five Star Client Service is the ultimate branding strategy. It helps a firm understand the power of branding and build a culture of consistency across all levels and areas of expertise. It focuses on people and processes, teaching the concept that firms cannot provide excellent external service if they do not first practice excellent internal service. The program incorporates the best practices, principles, procedures and processes that the world’s strongest brands use to rise above the rest.

The program is designed to develop:

  • The two crucial elements of any successful brand: people and processes
  • The highest level of quality service
  • Understand internal client needs and wants
  • Increase firm efficiency
  • Keep services on track, on time and on budget
  • A culture of accountability and referability


When firms implement Five Star Client Service, targeted teamwork and fully integrated process involvement are invaluable results. The Five Star Client Service program helps firms build loyalty and trust with their clients, deter client loss to competitors, and produce immediate, numerous and invaluable in-house benefits. With our optional third and fourth days, firms develop strategies and processes that are designed to help your firm thrive.


Session A – Four Hours:

  • The power of a BRAND
  • The two crucial elements of any successful brand: people and processes
  • Client Service Best Practices
  • Knapp’s Model of Interaction Stages – Relationships and Recovery Follow a Process
  • DiSC assessment (your authentic you)


Session B – Four Hours:

  • The Service Model – Understanding the Order, Delivering the Order, Ascertaining Satisfaction, Offering Dessert, Collecting the Check
  • Team Development u
  • Accountability and Referability – building a culture of accountability and referability


Five Star Follow Up – Four Hours:

  • Consulting Day to develop implementation plan with the Five Star Task Force and Leadership Team
  • Five Star Management Summary created for Leadership Team with recommendations for internal projects to promote the Five Star culture / GAP Analysis


Five Star Client Service Program for Administrative Professionals

  • Training day for all admin staff at a later date to be determined by Leadership


  • “The Rainmaker Companies have been an integral part of our success. Their knowledge and understanding of our industry and of our company have made it so that we can bring the business to the next level.”

    Frank Rowella, Managing Partner

    Reynolds + Rowella

    “Through the Strategic Growth Advisor relationship, Rainmaker has been a tremendous resource to us by helping us focus our efforts on the deliverables that we wanted.”

    Terry Mitchell, Principal

    Jackson Thornton

    “Rainmaker has provided us with valuable tools and advice that help keep us moving in the right direction. They have helped us focus on our business strategy, build a growth plan that supports it, and implement our plan so we’re actively pursuing growth and change.”

    Gary Hawkins, Chairman of the Board

    HSMC Orizon