The Rainmaker Prodigy Series™

The Rainmaker Prodigy Series™ is a completely virtual program that provides a practical means to begin developing emerging leaders early in their careers.  

In our 25+ years of experience in developing rainmakers, we have consistently found that the best firms begin developing their people early so that best practices and behaviors are instilled over the most formative years of their careers.

This six-session program exposes your professionals to the necessary skills of marketing and sales in manageable chunks, with relevant actionable items between each session. It is based on the proven concepts and content from our original, industry leading Rainmaker Academy™ which is designated for the more seasoned professional.

Each session addresses a different facet of business development while building on previous session topics. At the end of the program, participants will have gained the knowledge and tactical skills to develop and maintain a pipeline and close new business while also building their person brands and confidence.

Session Topics:

    • Setting the Stage to Becoming a Rainmaker – Behaviors, Accountability and Results
    • Building Client Relationships Through Positioning Yourself as a Trusted Advisor
    • Cultivating a Powerful Network of Peers and Influencers
    • Targeting Ideal Prospective Client Opportunities to Build Your Pipeline
    • Preparing for Effective Client and Prospective Client Meetings
    • Asking High-Impact Questions and Presenting Powerfully

Upon purchasing, you will receive a confirmation email. You will later receive a follow up email welcoming you to the class with the session registration links and your pre-work.

If you do not receive a welcome email within one week, please contact Kim Lockard at

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