Hindsight Breeds Insight

What will you do differently this year to get a different result? We all know that we must change behavior in order to change outcomes. What will you commit to doing differently in 2019? What will have the biggest impact on your business?

When you look back at the last year, think about the highlights for you. Did you have some big successes, some big adventures, some let downs or disappointments?


Take inventory of what went well for you and your firm in 2018. What were the activities that contributed to those things?

Examples might include:

The incredible vacation that you took with your spouse that left you energized and motivated.

The new business wins that allowed your firm to achieve the double-digit growth last year.

If these things proved to make your year last year, why not find a way to plan for more successes?


What about things that didn’t go as planned?

Examples might include:

Loss of a large client.

Working in crisis mode as a result of ineffective planning.


How might you avoid these things this year? If you had it to do over, what changes would you make? Hindsight breeds insight and foresight. Take some time; make a list of the good, bad and ugly from last year. Commit to having a great year by learning from last year.

Next Steps

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Angie Grissom – President of The Rainmaker Companies