News Alert: Rainmaker Transitions Enterprise Worldwide Association to Strategic Role-Based Communities

Nashville, TN, April 24, 2019 

The Rainmaker Companies (Rainmaker), a leading provider of growth advisory and training services to professional service firms, announced that it is making strategic shifts in the alliances segment of its business to better respond to market trends and needs. Key in these shifts is the disbanding of Enterprise Worldwide (EW), an international association of independent accounting firms and part of Rainmaker’s family of alliances. Meanwhile, Rainmaker is evolving its traditional alliance model to a set of strategic, role-based communities in direct alignment with the leadership roles and high-potential practice areas on which its clients and the profession focus.

Rainmaker operates three primary service lines, all integrated into the company’s mission to help professional service firms grow: training, consulting, and alliances. The company is perhaps best known for its signature business development program, The Rainmaker Academy®. In its alliances segment, in addition to EW, Rainmaker owns and operates several industry niche associations for firm practice teams focusing on areas such as manufacturing, real estate and construction, nonprofit, healthcare and banking.

Another key part of Rainmaker’s strategic evolution of its alliances segment is the recent addition of new communities developed to meet the needs of the changing profession. These new additions are CEO Grow, Leadership GROW, and Rainmaker Masterminds.

  • CEO Grow is a community designed for managing partners to deep dive into critical firm issues, collaborate with forward-thinking peers, and implement winning strategies.
  • Leadership GROW helps next-generation leaders focus on growth, innovation, change, and staying relevant. Members exercise skills in networking, share best practices, and engage in follow-up and follow-through.
  • Rainmaker Masterminds, a community for alumni of The Rainmaker Academy® that helps our clients to stay connected and continue learning cutting-edge solutions and best practices for growth and business development.

Rainmaker currently is working through a process to transition EW members to other international associations that better meet their needs while also placing them where there may be fits within Rainmaker’s evolving community structure.

“Our expertise lies in training leaders in ways that allow them to achieve optimal professional growth,” explains Angie Grissom, president. “We do this through becoming a resource to our clients through consulting, training, and through our communities. Our core offerings, like the Rainmaker Academy, Rainmaker’s Leadership Academy, and Rainmaker’s Five-Star Client Service, as well as our niche-based communities, have been in existence for many years. When the new leadership team took the helm in January 2014, we made it a priority to reassess and update our programs to reflect the changes in the profession.”

“As we move out of the business of running an international association, we look forward to the opportunity to collaborate more freely with other associations in which there may be opportunities to partner in adding value for their members,” said Dan Brooks, CEO. “Many such relationships already exist, and this move will allow us to deepen those as well.”

“Rainmaker’s ultimate goal is helping our clients remain competitive and excel,” said Dan Brooks.” We expect to continue working with our EW firms through our other services and communities as they transition to their new international associations and beyond.”

About The Rainmaker Companies

The Rainmaker Companies is a leading provider of training, consulting, and alliance services that support professional service firms in the growth of their people and practices. The unique composition of services enables Rainmaker to provide clients with full-service support and expertise to help them overcome the barriers to growth and achieve their goals.