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The Rainmaker Academy Winter 2021-2023

December 6, 2021 - May 2, 2023

Cost: $8,500


Robin Brothers



Transforming High Potential into High Performance

Firms know that to grow and thrive over time, they must continually develop the next generation of leaders. As the partners who have built successful firms face retirement, they are looking to their high-potential professionals of today to carry the torch into the future. That’s why nearly 60% of Top 100 accounting firms have depended on The Rainmaker Academy® to provide their emerging leaders with the training, coaching, tools, and overall framework to successfully build their practices.

Business development skills do not come naturally to most professionals, but many enjoy and excel at helping their clients with their business challenges. A core philosophy of The Rainmaker Academy® is that “selling is helping,” thus leveraging the instinctive strength to make the process of selling more natural.

The Rainmaker Academy® is a transformational, graduate-level leadership and business development program that has been built on 25 years of practice growth, innovation, and industry leadership. The multi-faceted program is grounded in enduring principles, yet constantly evolving to adapt to changing competitive environments and client buying behaviors.

Join the community of more than a thousand growth-minded professionals who have taken the journey with Rainmaker to fast-track their careers by building enduring skills, confidence, and revenue.

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To learn more about The Rainmaker Academy®, contact Robin Brothers (615.594.2715).