Business Development is a Team Sport

As the business world has become increasingly complex, the relationships needed to accomplish sales goals today have evolved. Firms that are successful and proactive understand that they can improve how they address their clients’ intricate needs by assembling functionally diverse teams. The complex nature of relationships has opened the door to include specialists who are technical, logical, strategic and have good relational skills.

Teams can be defined in many ways: as little as two people making a call together or a well thought-out group that is assembled for specific skill sets. We have been seeing the accounting profession shift its focus from compliance services to advisory skills. As a result, the need to identify and assemble successful teams is becoming a way of survival, and growing a firm is becoming a team sport.

A Team Without a Playbook is Just a Group

Just like playing a sport, team selling should have roles and positions for each member. A playbook is essential in winning championship seasons, and it is no different in the professional services arena. Each team should identify the stages of the sales process and the players who will be involved. The team should have well-defined roles and goals that each person will be responsible for. Setting an agenda for the team and reviewing it before each step in the process is a stress reducer for all and serves both as an internal and external tool and game plan. Post-meeting recaps are tremendously insightful and offer different perspectives on next steps for success.

Multiple Perspectives are Better Than One

Essentially, selling is helping your client or prospect with a need they have or a pain they are experiencing. Assembling a team allows you the advantage of more than the traditional one-person view point. Teams allow your client to know that you are vested in their interest and have taken time to work in a group to find a solution that fits them. The team process is a great relationship-building foundation that can serve your client for years to come and allow for smooth transitions of relationships in the future.

Team Members Hold Each Other Up – and Accountable

Teams increase the accountability of each member to play their role. Accountability and follow-up are key in winning new business, and the team can assist one another with positive action steps. Most accounting professionals are not comfortable in the selling role; working in a team reduces the stress for the individual and increases the effectiveness for closing the sale. Accountants are well-positioned to help their clients and are excellent in specific key areas of the sales process. Collaborating with others during the process will most likely find the best approach to moving the sale forward.

Combining the competencies of your team members and positioning yourself as expertsill help you sustain the growth of the firm with quality clients that are not reliant on any one member to survive. Unfortunately, too many firms are dependent on a small percentage of rainmakers that bring in a disproportionate amount of business. Building and working in teams allows the firm to have an option to build the business more strategically and with longevity.

Next Steps

Are you looking to get your firm’s industry niche or practice segment teams on an effective and sustainable path to growth? Rainmaker’s Practice Growth Team Development Program helps you establish clear growth strategies and action plans for the firm’s high-potential practice areas, ensuring that available energy and resources are directed at their highest and best use.

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Robin Brothers – Senior Relationship Manager at The Rainmaker Companies