Give Thanks

In 1863, over 150 years ago, President Abraham Lincoln first declared Thanksgiving a national holiday. Since then, Americans have celebrated this holiday annually, and it has evolved into an excuse to bring families together and share a delicious meal. Different families have developed different traditions, but the traditional family feast usually consists of a turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and fixings, plus pumpkin pie and other great things for dessert.

But the holiday isn’t just about food. Thanksgiving is also a time, as the name implies, to practice gratitude. It is a time to stop and recognize all we have to be thankful for in our lives, especially those things that we often overlook, and give thanks to family and friends.

Take the time to let your talented team members know how thankful you are for all the hard work they do. Let them know how much you appreciate them and how grateful you are that they are a part of the team. When deadlines are approaching and things get busy, we can forget to recognize the accomplishments of our team, but doing so is important. A culture of gratitude both rewards and encourages hard work, and it fosters a positive company culture.

Take the time, also, to recognize your clients and thank them for their support. Let them know you are thankful of the opportunity you have to serve them. They will appreciate the recognition, and taking the time out of your day to thank them will help grow your relationship with them and build on their trust in you.

Please enjoy this time with family and the great meal Mom and others have worked hard to pull together. Remember those who are less fortunate, and recognize the people who have helped your firm succeed.

The Rainmaker Companies would like to express how thankful we are for your support and how grateful we are for our clients. We wish you and your families a great Thanksgiving holiday. Thank you for the loyalty and confidence you have honored us with over the years.

And enjoy your turkey.

Next Steps

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Dan Brooks – Chief Executive Officer of The Rainmaker Companies