Marketing in Opportunity Season

Opportunity season is upon us! At this time of the year more than any other, businesses are thinking about their advisor and accounting professional’s relationships. We, at Rainmaker, watch incredible opportunities present themselves to our clients in the first quarter of the year – every year. Yes, we know, you are SO BUSY, but don’t let that stop you. The seeds you sow during this period can have a substantial effect on firm opportunities and growth for the entire year.

Many times a phone call or a short meeting over coffee turns into a long-term relationship for the firm. Although you may be extremely busy right now, chances are you aren’t sitting around twiddling your thumbs during the rest of the year either. If you hold off on having conversations with potential clients, you could blow your chance. When the opportunities present themselves to meet someone new or attend an event, do your best to make it happen. Marketing and business development activities should be a continuous focus for you all year long. We want to encourage you to continue marketing even during busy season.

Marketing is the process of building and reinforcing relationships that lead to awareness, engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty. Marketing takes place before, during and after the sale. When an opportunity presents itself, you better be ready. Get excited about creating awareness for you and your firm! Marketing is also the conveyance of your firm’s story. Marketing messages in print, digital, and all other methods carry your firm’s narrative, heritage, and values through the sales process, laying the groundwork for conversations around needs and desires. When you communicate these to a prospect, tell a compelling story about what you do for clients. Don’t tell the story about how busy and covered up you are. That’s not going to impress anyone, but will likely steer them away from working with you because they don’t want to add anything to your plate.

Whether you know it or not, you are already marketing. You are marketing in the way you answer the phone, your appearance, your business cards, and your follow-up process with a prospect or client. All of this sends a message. Be intentional about that message this opportunity season and leave your clients, prospective clients and friends thinking, “Wow, they are doing some exciting things. I would like to learn more,” instead of “He/She is so busy; I better not bother him.” You could miss out on a lot of opportunities.

Now is also a great time to set yourself up for a great year of learning, growing and networking. Contact us and learn more about our SuperConference in Atlanta in June, our newly updated Rainmaker Academy class launch or custom training and strategic growth sessions. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Happy Opportunity Season!

Next Steps

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Angie Grissom – President of The Rainmaker Companies