Staying Committed to Your Goals Begins with Culture

Last month, you probably jumped on the resolution bandwagon, vowing that this year will be different and promising yourself that you would stay strong in your resolution all year long. It was easy to find the motivation to do so, because January is a month of planning and promises, changes and choices. The idea of a new year, a fresh start, is so exciting that it inspires us to make big changes and bigger plans.

But now as we start February, you might already be faltering. That promise you made to yourself at the start of the new year is proving harder to follow through with in practice. Why does it seem that resolutions are basically doomed? Why do most of us fail on our follow through and find ourselves resolving the same old things the following year?

It’s because we focus too much on the what rather than the why. We focus on the destination, forgetting to set check-ins and mark milestones along the way. We set grandiose visions and goals and give up when we feel they’re simply unattainable.

As we head into our busiest time of the year, I encourage you to make one of your goals to develop a stronger, more resilient, culture in your firm. And don’t put it off until after April 15th. How we communicate with our clients – both internal and external – when stress levels are high, deadlines are looming and days are long, defines our culture infinitely more than how we interact during the easiest of times.

Start small. Focus on what I call, “the non-negotiables” in your firm. What are the key behaviors, key elements, key skills that are at the heart of your firm? What are the things that every employee must adhere to within the walls of your organization? The CEO of Starbucks once shut down every single Starbucks in North America when he walked into one of his stores in Randomtown, USA and was not pleased with the level of service he received! Do you have that kind of commitment? When you see an employee acting outside of your non-negotiables, do you have the courage and the commitment to your culture to make it right?

2019 is the year to stay committed to your goals. It starts with your culture. It doesn’t happen overnight, but it can happen. With an emphasis on culture, training and teamwork, we can help you get there.

Next Steps

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Adelaide Ness – Executive Vice President at The Rainmaker Companies