The Joy of Team Service

Each year around the holidays, Rainmaker organizes a team volunteer project. We select a local charitable organization that we can collectively help through contributions of monetary gits and personal service. This year we supported The Salvation Army’s Angel Tree Program which puts new clothes and toys under the tree for over 6,500 children across middle Tennessee who usually have to go without Christmas gifts.

Our involvement started with the “adoption” of the families we would support. We teamed up to shop for them, fulfilling their various wants and needs. Then on a designated day, we all traveled together to help at the warehouse where all the gifts are stored and ultimately distributed to the recipient families.

This Rainmaker tradition is always an enriching experience – one from which we can take away many observations and lessons, such as these:

  1. Giving as a team builds culture and perspective – The opportunity for us all to get out of the typical business environment and channel our collective attention to helping those in need strengthens our bond as a team. It broadens our perspective, increases our awareness of harsh realities around us, and stirs us to make a difference.
  2. A servant mentality can apply to all facets of life – Serving others, whether they are families in need, loved ones going through difficult times, or clients tackling business challenges, is something we can put into practice every day. We strengthen relationships, build trust, and position ourselves to be more valuable to others when we take a more active interest in them and less of one in ourselves.
  3. Teams have greater impact than individuals – One person who contributes to a cause can make a big difference. However, when a team of people come together in unified support, the impact can grow exponentially. Complex challenges often require a variety of talents and roles. By recognizing the unique strengths and interests of each team member, then coordinating them in a creative and strategic way, teams can accomplish much more than individuals acting on their own.

At The Rainmaker Companies, we are deeply grateful for our clients and friends in business. Excellence in service and the importance of collaboration are part of our core beliefs, and we appreciate the opportunity to put these into practice every day. As the year draws to a close, now is a great time to reflect and renew your team’s commitment to the service of others.

Scott Moore – Executive Vice President at The Rainmaker Companies