What Would You Do with a Reset Button?

It is that time again – time for the kids to go back to school and get back in the swing of things. If it weren’t for the excitement of a new beginning, the transition back into days filled with activities and homework can seem a little overwhelming after a summer of blissful lounging and carefree days. But summertime creates a stopping point for students and allows them an opportunity to detach and relax before going back at it full speed ahead.

What would you do with a reset button this month in your firm or at this stage in your career? It is difficult to find a stopping point when you work like we all do. Think of the possibilities for your practice if you could hit the pause button. We think you should consider creating self-imposed stopping points throughout the year to give yourself and your firm a chance to regroup and plan for the coming months. Now is a great time to regroup and get your strategic plan in place.

Start with a blank whiteboard or flip chart and ask yourself, “What does success look like in this firm?” Capture everything that comes to mind. Does it involve a cohesive culture? Creating raving fans in your client base? Growth of 20%? Development of a new niche or service line? Further developing your people this year? Ask others on your team to contribute and then get to work on how you will make it happen.

At The Rainmaker Companies, we encourage you to create your own reset button and choose when you will have it occur. Should it be once a year or twice a year? You decide the right time. Then stop, take the time to plan what success will look like, and then pursue it with gusto and a promise of an even better year ahead.

Next Steps

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Angie Grissom – President of The Rainmaker Companies