Christina Lane


Christina is a dynamic professional with a passion for connecting with people and making a positive impact in various fields. Her diverse background, which includes sales, non-profit
leadership, education, and wellness, reflects a career marked by her love for helping others and her dedication to personal and professional development.
With extensive experience as a trainer, speaker, and counselor, Christina has cultivated her skills to inspire and empower individuals and groups. Her natural extroversion and passion for human development make her equally adept at addressing large audiences, facilitating small group discussions, or providing personalized, one-on-one coaching. Christina takes joy in listening deeply to clients and helping them access their own knowing to uncover the path to achieving their goals.


  • Christina holds a Master of Science degree in Professional School Counseling
  • Married to Tony, a songwriter from Texas, with two sons in college
  • Huge NFL fan
  • Will travel just about anywhere, with little to no notice