Rob Brown


Rob Brown is bestselling author of Build Your Reputation – Grow Your Personal Brand for Career and Business Success (Wiley). His TEDx talk ‘The Personal Brand of You’ has 400K views. For 20 years he ran the Business Development Academy, working with clients such as GE, HSBC and Lloyds, plus a range of professional accounting, legal, finance and recruitment firms.

Rob’s areas of expertise include personal branding, reputation building, business networking, referrals, influence, trust, likeability, executive presence, LinkedIn strategy and client experience. After a sudden brain haemorrhage in 2016, Rob suffered some vision impairment and now takes medication for epilepsy. He has naturally recalibrated his life to do less travelling and now works mostly virtually with a small number of clients and strategic partners with select coaching, mentoring and training programs. He also hosts multiple podcasts in the professional service arena and chairs conferences globally.

Rob lives in Nottingham with his wife Amanda and two daughters, Georgia and Madison. He has a black belt in kickboxing and works out with kettlebells to stay in shape. He plays four musical instruments moderately well and has even recorded an album of his own songs. His favorite gadgets are his bread machine, his Kindle and his Android phone. His favorite authors are Lee Child and Robin Hobb, and his favourite very middle of the road musical favorites are Van Morrison, George Michael and the Carpenters.

Rob is a committed Christian and small-time philanthropist who is much involved in his local church. An enthusiastic chess player, he loves eating milk chocolate, watching movies and listening to comedians. Rob’s five core values are family, faith, health, learning and optimism. He is ENTJ on Myers Briggs, predominantly D on DISC and a Creator-Star-Mechanic profile on Wealth Dynamics. Travel wise, Rob has visited many countries and has lived extensively in Hong Kong and the USA. He has visited every US state apart from two – perhaps you can guess which.